“There are three things that drive my life-momentum: writing, music and travel.  I could say that travel is the food, the nourishment of the former two passions.  I travel with purpose, to see the endless ways that people live their lives, to find warmth and smiles in the poorest corners, to cultivate endless understanding and compassion so that I might be a better citizen in a world that is fast growing smaller. Writing is the processing of all the information I acquire on the road. Done for both my readers and myself, I hope that the wonder I find in my journeys does not affect me alone.  Music is the voice of joy, concern, and empathy with which I am left.”

Charlee has been a professional musician for over six years now. Trained classically, she studied with renowned guitarist, Anthony Weller, and has studied voice with Kristina Martin, Jacque Chambers and Sloan Wainwright.She plays a variety of music in and around New England, focusing on rock,folk, R&B, and blues, and writes much of the music she plays.

When she’s not performing, Charlee teaches independent lessons and workshops at The Music Asylum, a music school in Essex, MA.  She works to teach a holistic view of what it is to be a musician, and how music is and can be a beautiful and necessary force in empowering people to find and use their voice.